Coronavirus multiplies wherever it finds a suitable place to breed
Since protection from COVID is a must, we need to re-look our nearest surroundings for any loophole. Infections caused by virulent pathogens often happen due to a minor mistake. It is not that you will only catch COVID if you are outside in a mass gathering where people cough and sneeze, there are possibilities you might be breeding the virus in your own house.

When we all return back to homes from the office, schools and colleges, little do we care about COVID safety. Home is where safety is, and that keeps our confidence high.

However, the COVID inducing coronavirus does not dwell on our emotions! It dwells, reproduces and multiplies wherever it finds a suitable place to breed.

When we have such a pathogen who is always on the lookout for a suitable host, we should take necessary measures to keep it away from entering our system.

​There are more viruses in the universe than one can
Yes! These tiny microscopic organisms are way more in number than human beings. As per a 2020 report, an estimated 10 nonillion individual viruses exist on our planet.

With this huge population it is pretty understood that every time we make a tiny health related mistake we actually expose ourselves to be infiltrated by the virus.

​When you walk in from outside wearing shoes
In many Indian households, the shoe rack is placed closer to the main door, outside or inside of the house. Keeping the shoes in the same condition leaves a safe haven for the virus to reproduce. When such a high potential breeding ground is just in the vicinity there is a high risk of contracting the infection.

When you ram into your room without changing
If you are someone who likes to slide into their fortress of comfort, into their room immediately after coming from outside, you are one of the most potential spreaders of the virus.

A COVID appropriate behaviour would be to clean hands first immediately after coming from outside, followed by changing clothes in the common washroom and then after putting on fresh clothings one can go to their respective rooms.

​When there is no ventilation inside the house
If you are someone who believes that viruses travel through air and might come from outside, then you are actually giving scope for those which are already inside to multiply. Coronavirus thrives in places without proper ventilation and within a humid environment.

It is always advisable to keep the rooms properly ventilated, so as to minimise the circulation of the virus in limited spaces like homes and office areas.

​When you throw away the mask carelessly
Masks protect you from the virus. These clothes which actually sieve the viruses might be carrying a huge amount of it on its outside.

It is always advisable to safely unmask yourself without letting the outer portion of the mask touch any part of your body and disposing of it immediately or else keeping it away for washing it.

​When you forget all COVID behaviours once you are at home
For many people COVID rules are an imposition; these people do not consider it as a hygiene practice. As a result of this, the moment these people enter the home they forego all COVID appropriate behaviour.

Sneezing without covering face, coughing without putting hand or a towel over mouth, and not wearing a mask when the COVID cases surge are few reasons why despite following COVID protocols outside, people catch infection.

​When you attend public gatherings without masking up
When you attend mass get togethers without masking up because the government has relaxed COVID rules, you are actually putting yourself in more harm. Not just yourself you are also a potential risk for your family members to whom you will return in the same way as you were in the gathering.

​When you dine out in a closed restaurant space that doesn’t follow COVID protocol
When you are in an overcrowded closed restaurant where there are no COVID protocols followed, you are simply self-inviting yourself to the breeding ground of the coronavirus.

In such places one can never follow COVID rules mostly due to the limited space in the restaurant and entirely due to the fact that one can not wear masks while dining.

Taking families for dinners to places like these increases the risk of contracting the infection. If required, choose an open space like a roof top restaurant for dinner.

Other ways you are carrying COVID to your home, when you:

  • Meet friends and families without taking COVID precautions
  • Do not vaccinate yourself
  • Do not take booster shots even after several reminders
  • Do not maintain a physical distance of at least 2 feet while speaking to someone
  • Do not offer sanitizer to anyone who visits your house
  • Do not sanitize things brought from outside
  • Quickly open online deliveries without sanitizing them
  • Do not disinfect the most commonly used areas of the house like the key hanging, the door knob, and the main door.