Ease of Use

You are in the right place to learn about our Temporal Thermometers and what makes them so effective.

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  • Chemical resistant materials stand up to harsh disinfectants
  • On-demand, innovative, inservicing results in successful usagefor all levels of nursing skills


Accuracy is everything… Sweep it, read it, believe it. 

Do NOT push the Scan button before starting the measurement. This is not an on/off button

1. Brush hair aside if covering the (temporal artery) TA area. Place the probe flush on the center of the forehead.

2. Press the Scan button, keep pressed throughout measurement.

3. Slowly slide the probe midline across the forehead to the hair line in 2-3 seconds.

Do NOT scan over the hair with the TAT, brush hair aside before measuring.

Slide the thermometer straight across the forehead, not down the side of the face.

4. Scan behind the ear.

5. Release button, read and record.

  • Display will remain for 30 seconds, before automatic turn-off.
  • To turn off immediately, press and release.
  • To restart immediately, depress button and continue as above.

Temporal Artery Temperature for Infants – Instructional Poster