By Adam Owens, WRAL anchor/reporter
Raleigh, N.C. — With many still working through the COVID pandemic, another flu season is
about to begin.

At a crowded festival in downtown Raleigh, Schrita Taylor wore a mask. She told WRAL News she wants to protect herself and others around her from COVID.

“I don’t want to give it to anyone else and I don’t want anyone to give it to me,” said Taylor.

Those same precautions are also helpful against the flu. UNC infectious disease expert, Doctor David Wohl, said the severity of the flu season is hard to predict.

“We will see less flu than we did pre-pandemic. Even if it is more flu than last year and the year before,” said Wohl. “We are going to see flu cases start to percolate over the next few weeks.”

Wohl feels that way because while some have moved on from COVID precautions, some others are still taking measures like masking, which also works against the flu, and because of experience with COVID vaccines, more people may be open to getting the flu vaccine.

“We are better at protecting ourselves from these things than before,” said Wohl.

We can also get a sneak peek by looking at other places in the world already dealing with the flu virus.

“So far, it looks pretty good,” said Wohl. “We are not expecting this to be a bad year based on what we are seeing.”

So, when should you get your flu shot?

Many people want to time it just right, so they have optimal immunity when the flu season is at its worst. Well, WRAL News asked Wohl when he gets his shot.

“I tend to get it early and hope for the best and not wait,” said Wohl. “Especially as the numbers start to climb.”