Long COVID has a debilitating effect on several major body organs

COVID’s mystery continues even after the virus completes its course of action in the human body. Termed as long COVID, this long term effect of the coronavirus was unknown to many until a few months before and is still unknown to many others. What makes long COVID worse is the fact that in this case it does not limit to the respiratory tract only. Long COVID has a debilitating effect on several major body organs. There are several long COVID signs which are unimaginably unusual; ranging from abnormal heart rate to hair loss these signs are potential indicators of long COVID and should not be ignored.

Chest pain
Chest pain has been seen in many patients post-COVID. Researchers who were earlier focused only on the respiratory tract have started studying the effect of the virus on heart health. Many people experience chest pain from the recovery phase of COVID till a few months later. In many others it starts weeks after the COVID infection. If you experience unexplained chest pain, it is always advisable to consult a doctor.

Irregular heartbeat

COVID can have a long lasting impact on the heart which is caused due to several factors like lack of oxygen and inflammation of the heart. One such complication which is mostly seen in COVID patients is arrhythmia or irregular heart beat in which the patient experiences an increase in heart beat which is more than the normal heart beat of an individual. One should never live under the impression that this condition will get normal on its own. Once it comes to notice, one should consult a doctor. 

Skin rash

Ever heard of a respiratory tract infection causing skin rash in individuals? Well, in case of long COVID cases of skin rashes have come to fore where patients have reported having hives, and discoloration in skin color even weeks after the COVID. Instead of waiting for it to go away on its own, one should consult a doctor and take necessary medicines. Skin rashes often infect other parts of the body and can also affect others in vicinity if left untreated. 

Pink eye

Pink eye or conjunctivitis has been seen in COVID patients. Researchers have confirmed the link between COVID and several other eye symptoms like light sensitivity, sore eyes including conjunctivitis. Do not delay in seeking medical help, else it may affect the vision of the eyes. 

COVID toes
This is one of the most peculiar indicators of long COVID. In this weird swelling and discoloration is seen in the toe and fingers. Though it’s termed as COVID toe, the symptom can be seen in other areas like hands, wrists, and ankles as well. Any unexplainable swelling in the toes and fingers should not be ignored.

Loss of smell and taste

Though reports on loss of smell and taste were not reported as much as it was reported during the second wave of COVID, many people had complained of not getting back the sense of taste and smell even after a year. This bizzare symptom of COVID has made it difficult for many individuals to lead a normal life.

Stomach issue

Respiratory infections do not usually have any effect on the stomach health of an individual. However with COVID it is the opposite. People with COVID have complained of stomach disorder which continues for a longer duration. This includes abdominal pain and diarrhea mostly. 

Hair loss

Many people experience hair shedding or telogen effluvium a few months after recovering from COVID. Loss of hair post a fever is common, and in case of COVID the effect of telogen effluvium is not permanent though many studies have found that this affects the growth and volume of hair.