NEW DELHI: Covid positive children are more likely to experience at least one symptom lasting longer than two months following infection than children who had never been diagnosed with Covid-19, according to the largest study to date on long Covid symptoms in children up to 14 years of age published in Lancet Child & Adolescent Health. 
The study used national level sampling of children in Denmark and matched Covid- 19 positive cases with a control group of children with no prior history of Covid-19 infection.
Findings of the study assumes significance as it suggests that long-lasting symptoms are indication of long Covid among children. Besides, it also raises the need to recognise and treat such problems.
The results of the study found children diagnosed with Covid-19 in all age groups were more likely to experience at least one symptom for two months or longer than the control group. 
In the 0-3 years age group, 40% of children diagnosed with Covid-19 experienced symptoms for longer than two months, compared to 27% of controls. For the 4-11 years age group, the ratio was 38% of cases compared to 34% of controls, and for the 12-14 years age group, 46% of cases compared to 41% of controls experienced long-lasting symptoms.
In older age groups (ages 12-14 years), quality of life scores were higher and reports of anxiety were lower for children who had tested positive for Covid-19 than children who had not, likely linked to awareness about the pandemic and societal restrictions.