Omikron is not simply a variant of COVID-19. The new virus variant is much more contagious than older versions of the virus. The R rate is very high at 3. Each infected person can infect three other people. In this way, the virus can spread very quickly. 

Thousands of people who thought they were safe after being fully vaccinated have now discovered that the Omikron variant is different. The vaccins that have been used so far protect you much less against the virus than the delta version. This means people need an additional vaccination, also known as a booster.

The most important reason for the extra vaccination is the fact that a lot of people will get infected and sick. It also applies to young children, who have not yet been adversely affected by a Corona infection. The situation may be even worse for adults. They will end up in a hospital, often feeling very ill.

We should all check ourselves and our loved ones in a very structured manner. Fever is one of the first signs of infection, so checking for fever is vital. We should check our body temperature twice a day. The first measurement should be taken in the morning, and the second in the evening. In this way, we can monitor our body temperature and compensate for the Circadian Rhythm. This is a perfectly normal phenomenon. Our body temperature rises by as much as 0.9 oC during the day. That is a fairly large difference in temperature and could mean the difference between a fever and a normal temperature. 

Now that we have to check our temperature at least twice daily, we need a thermometer that is accurate – unlike difficult to use ear thermometers or non-contact infrared thermometers or IR guns which are simply very inaccurate. In addition, since we take our temperature fairly frequently, we need a thermometer that is comfortable to use. An ear thermometer is not the best choice since the tip of the thermometer being in your ear twice a day will begin to hurt your ear very soon. An axillary thermometer for measurement in the arm pit is not accurate enough, as are IR guns which produce far too many false negatives. As a result, it will not show a fever when, in fact, the body temperature is indeed at fever levels.

It is probably best to use a Temporal Artery Thermometer, such as those manufactured by Exergen Corporation of the US. The thermometers are not only very accurate, but also very easy to use. It only takes a gentle swipe across the forehead to perform a perfect measurement. We can even take someone’s temperature while they are sleeping.