COVID is on our mind as the nation goes back to school and work in person, but there’s another threat that’s here: cold and flu season. Last year there was very little flu during the Covid pandemic, but this year’s flu & Covid are both projected to be widespread. Fever is the leading sign of both COVID and the flu, so if you start to have symptoms, the only only way to rule out a cold is with an accurate thermometer, the Exergen TemporalScanner. Quick, noninvasive and easy to use, its accuracy has been proven in more than 100 published clinical studies. Beware of the non contact devices you see in wide use. With no science to back them up, they are entirely inaccurate. In fact, a new study shows them to miss five out of six fevers.  With more and more vaccinated people getting sick from COVID variants, be vigilant and get an  accurate temperature reading. Stay safe with Exergen and learn more at EXERGEN.COM.