Sometimes, my mom is a bit old-fashioned. She likes things the way they were when she was a young woman. Despite this, I love her very much because she is always concerned about our well-being. 

She immediately began giving me advice on what to do and what to buy when I told her that my wife was pregnant. A thermometer is one of the items she feels strongly about. She would love to buy us an old-fashioned mercury thermometer. One of those very old rectal thermometers. My mother discovered that this type of thermometer is no longer allowed. As she continued to complain that her favorite product was no longer available, she began to look for alternatives. I must admit that she did a good job here. She compiled a list of several types of thermometers with their pros and cons.

What is her conclusion? Get a Temporal Artery Thermometer. Exergen of the United States designs and manufactures these thermometers. It is a robust thermometer that is very easy to operate. It is much easier than, for example, an in-ear thermometer. When I asked her what is wrong with an ear thermometer, she responded with some very good arguments. Due to the fact that the anatomy of the ear canal is different for each and every person, it is very difficult to determine how deep to insert the thermometer. It may hurt your child or even damage the ear drum if you insert it too deeply. If you do not push the tip of the thermometer deep enough, you are more or less measuring the ambient temperature. That’s obviously insignificant.

The Temporal Artery Thermometer is by far your best option, she said. It is non-invasive. It only takes a gentle swipe of the thermometer across the forehead of your child to get a perfect reading of the body temperature. Within seconds, you will have an accurate reading. In fact, my mom told me that you can even measure your child’s body temperature when they are asleep with this thermometer. Your child will not feel you swiping the thermometer across their forehead. It is likely that when they are awake they will love you doing this, since to them it is similar to a little game instead of you checking their temperature.