Basically, it’s when we have more than one epidemic going on at once. I came across this word while reading about the COVID-19 situation in a number of countries. In addition to COVID-19, they will soon have to deal with the flu season as well.

I asked my doctor the other day how to deal with this. Particularly now that we have a baby boy as well. COVID-19 is more or less under control according to my doctor. Of course, we must be cautious because experts anticipate a bad flu season this year. 

My doctor gave me a simple advice: check for fever. Why is that so important, I asked. Fever is an early warning sign that a person might be infected with a virus, she said. This might not be COVID-19 but other viruses as well. This person may require medical attention as soon as possible. 

My doctor told me that you should check your temperature and that of your child at least twice daily to protect yourself and your family. As a result, fevers and temperatures will be detected sooner if they arise. 

When I told the doctor that my little boy does not like us taking his temperature, she asked what kind of thermometer we use. We own an old in-ear thermometer, I told her. A Temporal Artery Thermometer would be a better choice, the doctor replied. 

Exergen of the U.S. designs and manufactures Temporal Artery Thermometers. These thermometers measure body temperature by gently swiping the tip of the thermometer across the forehead, the doctor told me. She described this procedure as non-invasive, so it’s very comfortable. As opposed to rectal or ear thermometers, you measure the body temperature using the temporal artery on our foreheads. 

“Is that an accurate way of measuring temperature?”, I asked her. My doctor began to laugh: Temporal Artery Thermometers are much more accurate than ear thermometers. Furthermore, your child will love these Temporal Artery Thermometers because they will see it as a game you play with him. Therefore, he will love it if you take his temperature several times a day. And the best part is, she said, you can even take his temperature while he is asleep. It does not require waking him up.