The following key “secrets” determine that the temporal artery thermometer is the most accurate, of the highest repeatability , and the easiest to use thermometer currently on the market:

1)     It has selected the best location for human body temperature measurement, that is, the temporal artery area due to its unique characteristics. 

2)    Take a very unique horizontal scanning action to measure the temperature.

The reason for that is because the exact locations of the temporal arteries are invisible to the naked eyes. Only by “catching” and measuring the heat source can the thermometer be accurate. So by scanning horizontally , the sensor will definitely  “catch” the temporal artery, the heat source. During the scan, the thermometer samples 1,000 times per second to make sure it “catches” the peak temperature of the temporal artery.

Fig. 1.  Horizontal scan of temporal artery and thermal image of temporal artery