First of all, the advantages of thermometers such as accuracy, ease of use, fast, and reduced nurse workload are very popular among nurses. Many nurses don’t let go after trying it.

Secondly, in order to verify the accuracy of temporal artery thermometers, many hospitals have carried out very rigorous and scientific clinical trials in different departments and different patient groups, and some have published their research results in prestigious professional medical journals. So far, we know of more than 100 published clinical study reports. That’s more than all the other thermometer brands’s paper on the market combined.

These scientific data published by authoritative hospitals and authoritative academic journals are very influential. As a result, more and more hospitals, pediatric clinics, and general clinics begin to use temporal artery thermometers. The recommendation of pediatricians and the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics have also brought home-use temporal artery thermometers into millions of households.