A few weeks ago, I learned a new word: twindemic. It is the situation where we have more than 1 epidemic at the same time. I came across this word when I was reading about the COVID19 situation in a number of southeast Asian countries. Not only are they still struggling with COVID19, but soon they will be confronted with monsoon rains and floodings as well. With that comes the risk of malaria, while the flu season is near as well.

As we live in an area with a lot of rain and every now and then floodings that news had me worried. Because so far, we as a family have managed to avoid any COVID19 contaminations, but it looks like the situation might not be that easy during the next few months. 

So, when I visited my doctor the other day, I asked her how to best deal with all this. Especially now that we have a little baby boy to take care of as well. My doctor told me the COVID19 situation is under control. But of course, we must be careful. Because experts fear we will have a nasty flu season this year and if we get a lot of rain that might complicate things even further. 

The advice my doctor gave me is quite simple: check for fever. Why is that so important, I asked. She told me fever is an early warning signal that a person might be contaminated with a virus. Not necessarily COVID19 but other viruses and well. So that person might need medical help – the sooner the better. 

The best thing to do to protect yourself and your family, my doctor told me, is to check your own temperature and that of your child at least twice daily. That way you can be sure you detect any raised temperatures or fevers as soon as possible. 

Then I told her, my little girl is not very fond of us taking his temperature. When the doctor asked what kind of thermometer we use, I told her that we have a very old ear thermometer. Not your best choice, the doctor said. You might want to consider buying a Temporal Artery Thermometer. These thermometers measure body temperature with a gentle swipe of the thermometer across the forehead of your child, she said. So very comfortable, or as doctor like to call it: non-invasive. Because unlike rectal or ear thermometers you measure the body temperature using the temporal artery on our foreheads. Is that an accurate way of taking temperature, I asked. My doctor started to laugh: Temporal Artery Thermometers are extremely accurate, reliable, and so much easier to use than ear thermometers, she said. And even better, your child will love these thermometers. She will think of it as a little game you play with her. So, she will love it when you take his temperature a few times a day. And the beauty of it all is, the doctor said, you can even take her temperature when she is asleep. No need to wake her up.