I fully support the plans of our country to be as sustainable as we possibly can. As an engineer I have also seen the progress India has made when it comes to avoiding eWaste and making sure we recycle and refurbish electronic products as much as we can. 

There is still so much work to be done!! But every now and then I am pleasantly surprised by the progress we are making. The other day I clumsily let our old ear thermometer fall of the floor of our bathroom. The tip broke off and when I tried to switch it on nothing happened. It was a very cheap thermometer, so no wonder that it didn’t survive a drop on the bathroom tiles. 

At work – I am a mechanical engineer – we focus very strongly on building robust and sustainable products. So when we started looking for a new thermometer we decided that sustainability was one of our top selection criteria. Maybe naive, but we thought that a lot of vendors would focus very strongly on selling green products. So we were quite disappointed when we found that it is actually not that easy to buy a green thermometer.

But the product we *did* find is very good actually. We decided to buy a Temporal Artery Thermometer. It is a very robust product that is designed and manufactured by an American company. These Temporal Artery Thermometer are highly recommended by US doctors and nurses for at-home use. Of course, it is very accurate – they have a lot of research to prove that. But what makes this Temporal Artery Thermometer so attractive to us is the fact that there is no unnecessary waste. A lot of other thermometers use throw-away caps you can only use once. We have a very young kid, so by using one of these old-fashioned thermometers we would cause a huge pile of plastic waste. And we don’t want to do that.

When we were doing our research, I also read about the use of Temporal Artery Thermometers in hospitals. These thermometers are apparently so good they give their professional thermometers a lifetime warranty! Can you imagine what that means? As an engineer I certainly know that only the best products are so well designed and manufactured that the vendor dares to give its customers a lifetime warranty. So, these Temporal Artery Thermometers must be very good and very robust.

One last thing about this Temporal Artery Thermometer: it is non-invasive. So, taking our little boy’s temperature is extremely easy. All it takes is a gentle swipe with the thermometer across his forehead. So we can even check his temperature when he is asleep. 

So happy with our new thermometer!

Portrait of a happy pregnant woman touching her belly while standing indoors