The other day I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine. Now that I am pregnant I am in the market for a new thermometer. My friend already bought one when she gave birth to her lovely little baby girl. She bought an ear thermometer that comes with protective caps to keep the sensor head of the thermometer clean. Every time you use the thermometer you click on one of these caps and after using the thermometer you throw it in the trash.

To be honest I do not like that. I love nature and try to live as responsibly as I can when it comes to plastic and other waste. So I asked my friend what made her buy this thermometer with the throw-away caps. She said she loves the idea of a clean thermometer. Besides that it was a very cheap thermometer, so that appealed to her as well. When I asked her about the waste her thermometer creates she simply shrugged and did not reply.

So I decided to investigate this in a bit more detail. The first thing I found out is that there are  thermometers – for example the Temporal Artery Thermometer – that do not use these plastic throw-away caps but can still be kept clean in a very simple and environmentally friendly way. To keep the sensor head clean after each use you simply use a piece of cotton and some medicinal alcohol. I really like that because this does not create so much needless plastic waste.

But because I had never before heard of Temporal Artery Thermometers I decided to check this type of thermometer a bit more in detail. I must say, I am really excited by what I found out. Because these thermometers are very comfortable, especially to young children and babies. To take their temperature all it takes is a gentle swipe across the forehead. Because just 2 millimeter below the skin on the forehead lies the temporal artery, which is a perfect spot to very accurately measure the body temperature of a child. But it works for adults just as well.

What I like even better is the fact that taking temperature is so easy and comfortable you can even check you baby’s temperature while he is asleep. As you can image I decided to buy a Temporal Artery Thermometer. Since it arrived a few weeks ago I have used it to measure my own temperature and that of my husband. We both love it!!