My husband and I had quite a discussion the other day. A few days ago he dropped our old thermometer on the floor and when he picked it up the tip of the thermometer was damaged. And when he tried to switch it on the thermometer did not respond. My husband was very annoyed and grumbled that he would buy a new one. When I saw him searching for a new thermometer I noticed he was simply looking at the same ear thermometer we had owned before.

When I asked him why he wasn’t checking out other types of thermometers he replied: what is wrong with an ear thermometer? We have been using that type of thermometer for many years. I replied that I had read about new thermometers that are much more comfortable. Because our son really doesn’t like the feeling of his mom or dad pushing a thermometer in his ear. Why don’t we buy one of these new forehead thermometers, I said to my husband.

I showed him one. It is a Temporal Artery Thermometer. My husband was immediately interested. So all you have to do is gently swipe the thermometer across the forehead, he asked. I said, yes that is all there is to it. They are accurate and non-invasive. So even if you have a raised temperature because of an ear infection you can still measure your temperature using these thermometers. There is an artery on your forehead, I explained, just 2 millimeter below the skin. Our doctor told me that is actually a perfect spot to take your temperature. 

So we decided to buy one of these Temporal Artery Thermometers. And you know, we really love it. My son had a cold last week. I was even able to take his temperature while he was asleep. So yes, very happy with our new Temporal Artery Thermometer.