My husband is always very keen on new technologies. The other day he said he wanted a new thermometer – although he himself is hardly ever sick. The thing is, he has come across a new and very innovative thermometer. It is a US designed and manufactured thermometer that measures your body temperature using the temporal artery on your forehead. All you have to do is switch it on and gently swipe the sensor head off the thermometer across your forehead. Within a few seconds you have a very accurate measurement of the body temperature.

My husband is very enthusiastic about these Temporal Artery Thermometers. For days he has been reading about the technology on which these thermometers are based. They use very advanced infrared technology and highly sophisticated technologies to compensate for outside temperatures. That is innovative tech my husband loves to read about!

But to me buying a new thermometer sounded like a waste of money. Because our own thermometer is only one year old. So I decided to ask my doctor: are these Temporal Artery Thermometers really that good?

My doctor’s response took me by surprise. Because she was very positive about the Temporal Artery Thermometer. She told me these temporal artery thermometers are much more accurate than in-ear thermometers or non-contact infrared thermometers. Also temporal artery thermometers are very comfortable and easy to use. Because there is no need to push the thermometer into the ear and you do not have to reposition your child to take their temp. Just a gentle swipe across the forehead. You can even measure their temperature when they are asleep, my doctor said.

When I told my husband what our doctor had told me about the Temporal Artery Thermometer he was very happy. That same evening he ordered our own Temporal Artery Thermometer. And I must admit: it is accurate, very comfortable and a very easy to use thermometer. We are so happy we decided to buy one!

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