My mother likes to tell me stories about how she raised me as a young child. To be honest, I never found them very entertaining. But now that I am a mother myself I more and more start to value her tips and advise she likes to give me. 

One of them is particularly interesting. My mother always told me how important it is for a young mom to check her baby’s temperature on a regularly basis. But I never quite understood why she feels that is so crucial. So a few days ago I asked her why she always wanted to take my temperature.

A raised temperature, my mother told me, is a very clear signal that a child is ill. Often it means your child has a virus infection. As soon as you see the temperature of your child start to rise, she told me, you should pay close attention to your baby or child because he might need treatment. If the fever does not come down within one or two days it is really important to go and see your doctor.

When I was young my mother always used a rectal thermometer which was never very pleasant. I never wanted to use one of these for my little baby boy. But when I started researching thermometers for at home use I was bewildered by the enormous amount of products I came across. And all these different types of thermometers confused me as well. Should I buy an in-ear thermometer, a tympanic one, one of these new Temporal Artery Thermometers? Or maybe a non-contact infrared thermometer? 

Of course I asked my mom for advise. She was very clear in her opinion what the best thermometer is. “I have bought a Temporal Artery Thermometer because it is very accurate, very easy to use and it is very comfortable”, she said. All you have to do is switch on the thermometer and swipe the sensor head of the thermometer gently across the forehead of your child, your husband or yourself. It is very easy to do, she said, and the measurements are very accurate.

How did you figure out that the temporal artery thermometers are your best choice, I asked her. The answer was surprisingly simple: her own doctor had told her about temporal artery thermometers. Because besides being comfortable and accurate the temporal artery thermometer are also very affordable.

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