I am so relieved we are able to travel again! Most of my friends and family members live in other cities and I love visiting them whenever I can. During the Covid-19 situation that obviously was not possible but fortunately we are now able to travel again.

But to be honest, it feels a bit strange to be among so many people again. Even with a lot of people already vaccinated. So I have made a habit of wearing a face mask whenever I am in a crowded public place or in a train or airplane. It makes me feel more protected. 

I believe it was my mom who asked me what would happen if I am somehow contaminated and I travel. That could mean that I might contaminate other people. When I visited my doctor the other day I discussed this topic with her as well. Luckily she told me the solution to this issue is fairly simple: whenever you leave your house measure your own temperature and the temperature of your children and husband as well. Because fever is an early warning signal. Whenever you have a raised temperature do not go out, she told me, and call your doctor. Even better, right now it is best to check your temperature and those of your loved ones twice daily. That way you can be absolutely sure you catch any fever you might have developed.

Before I left, my doctor also asked me what kind of thermometer we use at home. I had to admit: it is a rather old in-ear or tympanic thermometer. Better buy a new one, my doctor suggested. Because in-ear thermometer is not very easy to use because it is difficult to position the sensor of the thermometer exactly right in the ear canal. And when you start measuring yourself and your family twice a day that will become annoying or even painful after a few days. Better use a temporal artery thermometer. These are very accurate and measure your core body temperature with a gentle swipe of the thermometer across your forehead. Very easy to do, your kids will love it because it doesn’t hurt or scare them and these thermometers even compensate for any ambient influences like when your child was a few minutes ago outside in cold weather or the warm sun. It’s so easy to do, you can even check your baby’s temperature when they are asleep.