My father has been fighting cancer for quite some time now. He has had surgery and for the last few months he has been treated with chemo therapy as well. Although he is mentally very strong I can tell that physically he is not doing so great. He has hardly any energy left. The doctors told him it is very important that he pays very close attention to his physical well-being. It is especially important that he checks his body temperature often. Because fever is a clear signal, they told him, that he might have an infection. And his body is not really able to fight that off right now.

When I checked I noticed that my father does own a thermometer but it is a very old rectal thermometer. Not a very comfortable idea to a proud man who is physically feeling bad and is still in the process of recovering. So I decided I better buy him a new thermometer. But choosing the best thermometer proved to be not so easy. I came across dozens of models and brands. And also a lot of different kinds of thermometers.

So I asked my own doctor what I should buy for my father. She was very outspoken about the best choice: buy a Temporal Artery Thermometer, she said. When I asked her why that is the best thermometer, she told me that Temporal Artery Thermometers are very comfortable and very easy to use. All it takes is a gentle swipe with the thermometer across the forehead and in seconds you have a very accurate reading of the body temperature. So I bought one for my father. And you know what? He loves it. And my mom as well. Because sometimes my father is feeling so tired he falls asleep before he has been able to check his temperature. But by using a Temporal Artery Thermometer my mother can take his temperature without my father having to wake up. My dad loves his new thermometer. And you know what is even better? So far no fevers!!