I have been using an in-ear thermometer for years. And to be honest: I was quite happy with it. I never thought about replacing it. But then my little boy broke our thermometer. Not sure how he got his hands on it but he was playing with it and accidentally dropped it in the toilet. And now it has stopped functioning. 

So when my mother called me yesterday I asked her what kind of thermometer she is using. ‘Funny that you ask’, she said. Because she had just bought a new one. It is a very hightech thermometer that measures your body temperature with a simple swipe across the forehead. It is called a Temporal Artery Thermometer, my mom told me. Her doctor had advised her to buy this one. “I am not an expert”, my mom said, “but my doctor told me that Temporal Artery Thermometers are much better than old-fashioned in-ear thermometers”.

The reason for this is that a Temporal Artery Thermometer measures the temperature of the blood in the artery on the forehead. Her doctor had explained to my mother that measuring the blood as closely as possible to the heart is crucial if you want to generate an accurate reading of your body temperature. The temporal artery is located very close to the heart. That means that that blood flows from the heart to the temporal artery in seconds. So the temperature of the blood in the artery on the forehead gives you a very accurate measurement of the temperature of the blood in the core of the body, which obviously is the heart.

Is it difficult to use a Temporal Artery Thermometer, I asked. My mom started to laugh. “You know how clumsy I sometimes can be. But even I am able to perform a very good temperature reading. So how hard can it be?”. So I have bought a Temporal Artery Thermometer as well. And my mom was right: it is super easy to perform a temperature measurement. It is so easy I even have measured my son’s temperature while he was asleep. He did not feel anything and never woke up!

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