My best friend is almost 4 years younger than I am. And I am so happy for her! Because last week she gave birth to an adorable little baby girl. Getting pregnant has not been easy for her and now she finally is a mom as well – just like me. I can’t wait for us to go together to the park and play with our kids.

Ever since she told me she was pregnant I have been thinking about the perfect gift for her. My mother suggested baby cloths. But to be honest I found that a bit boring. Just like a stuffed animal or a doll. Then another friend of mine made a great suggestion. Because it was so difficult to get pregnant my friend is fully aware of the fact that being a mom is not something we can take for granted. It increases our responsibility for the well-being and the health of our children even more. So she suggested I give her something what is probably the most important tool a mother can use if she wants to check the health of her child: a thermometer.

My friend even had a very good suggestion for the type of thermometer I should buy. She told me about the Temporal Artery Thermometer her own doctor had suggested to her. Because rectal thermometers are very unpleasant to a baby or child and in-ear thermometers are not very accurate because it is so hard to position the thermometer correctly in the ear canal. A Temporal Artery Thermometer is much better, her doctor had told her. All it takes to produce a very accurate temperature reading is a gentle swipe with the thermometer across the forehead of your baby. You can even do so while they are asleep. And if they have an ear infection they will no be afraid that you will try to push a thermometer into their already painful ear. 

So I did some research. And guess what? Temporal Artery Thermometers are not only very comfortable to patients young and old. But at least as important: they are very accurate as well. Over all I think they are much better than for example non-contact infrared thermometers like those cheap IR guns. 

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