Much to the chagrin of my mother – who loves kids – it took my husband and me quite some time to get pregnant. But finally after years of trying I could give her the message she had been waiting for all these years: pregnant!

Eight months ago our little baby boy was born. Oh how I loved his softy baby skin, how he smelled, those little hands trying to grab me, his first smile. But at the same I noticed he was sick a lot. His nose is always running and he had the flu twice. Sometimes it feels like he is sick practically every week.

My mom told me to go and see a doctor and have her check my son. But the doctor said everything is okay and being sick a lot is not that uncommon for babies. She also advised me to check his temperature whenever I was not sure if my baby boy had a raised temperature or – worse – a fever. Just to be sure.

So I have made a habit of checking his temperature almost every day. But my son really doesn’t like our thermometer. It’s in an old in-ear thermometer. He doest’t like the feeling of me trying to push the thermometer rather deep in his ear. He always tries to evade me and moves his head away from me as soon as he sees the thermometer. So my mother gave me a new thermometer. It’s a very cheap non-contact thermometer. Simple to use: just point it at the forehead of your child. 

But to be honest: I do not trust the temperature readings this thermometer gives me. Sometimes my boy feels really hot and the thermometer shows me a very low reading. And on other days he is happily playing and then the thermometer tells me he has a fever! 

So when I went to my doctor for a regular check-up we discussed the best thermometer for young children. She showed me a Temporal Artery Thermometer. It is infrared as well but you do not point the thermometer at the forehead. Instead I now gently swipe the head of the thermometer across the forehead of my boy. My doctor told me these Temporal Artery Thermometer are extremely accurate because – unlike the IR gun I used before – it is impossible to miss the correct location on the forehead. So you always get a very good temperature reading.  

I really love this thermometer. Because my son is not scared anymore of me taking his temperature. And I am happy as well, because now I can measure his temperature en be sure he is not sick. 

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