My daughter is 2 years old. She often has a cold, which in many cases leads to ear infections. I always check her temperature when she is feeling sick, but sometimes her ear hurts so much I am not able to use my old in-ear thermometer. So we decided to buy a new thermometer. We choose an infrared thermometer because it allows us to simply aim the thermometer at her forehead and we have a temperature reading. Well – that was the idea anyway. But then I started to notice that the temperature measurements were sometimes very strange. They were very low and on other occasions ridiculously high. And even after I had read the product’s leaflet again I was often not able to perform a good measurement.

When I asked my doctor about this she said I should not use a cheap non-contact thermometer. Because IR guns – as she called them – are difficult to use, which makes them notoriously inaccurate. Because you are supposed to do a measurement by pointing the IR gun at the artery on the forehead of your child. BUT WHERE IS THE ARTERY? It is very difficult to point the thermometer at the exact right spot. And if you miss the correct location you will get a very inaccurate reading.

When you use a Temporal Artery Thermometer it is quite the opposite, my doctor explained. This is a temporal artery scanner which measure the temperature of the blood based in the forehead artery just 2 mm below the skin.  You gently swipe the thermometer across the forehead, gently touching the forehead. It is impossible to miss the exact location. And within seconds you have a very accurate temperature measurement.

So as my doctor advised me I have now purchased a Temporal Artery Thermometer. I am so glad I do not have to do in-ear measurements anymore, especially when my daughter has earaches!

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