Ensuring superior functionality in the most demanding of hospital environments, the TAT-5000S easily stands up to the heavy duty demands of a high-performance hospital workplace, including intensive care units and emergency departments, and all inpatient units. Depending on patient care requirements, this model allows the choice of using disposable covers, or cleaning between patients with a disinfectant wipe, providing the means for significant cost savings by eliminating or substantially reducing probe cover usage. This revolutionary feature provides payback for full hospital installation in less than one year. The TAT-5000S is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Exergen TAT-5000S Connected Models are now Available on Leading Vital Signs Monitors for EHR Data Integration

Improve Patient Outcomes – Exergen has MORE THAN 70 PUBLISHED STUDIES SUPPORTING ACCURACY FROM PREEMIES TO GERIATRICS IN ALL AREAS OF CARE. Unlike other thermometers, the Exergen TemporalScanner does not come into contact with mucous membranes, thus greatly reducing the risk of cross contamination. Additionally, full instrument sheaths, protecting the entire thermometer, can be utilized for all levels of cross-contamination protection. It is the Best Temporal Thermometer.

Improve Patient Safety – Exergen has no probe covers that can break, as often occurs with oral thermometers. With a lifetime warranty, your Best Temporal Thermometer can be replaced whenever necessary at no charge. Exergen also has less environmental issues than other thermometer methods, increasing reliability of readings.

Reduce Costs – Exergen doesn’t require expensive probe covers, and with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, COST SAVINGS OF UP TO 90% OVER OTHER THERMOMETRY METHODS can be achieved. Other thermometers can cost hundreds of dollars per year for probe covers and repairs. Exergen TA thermometers cost $0 per year.

Increase Efficiencies – Exergen’s non-invasive temperature collection can be utilized on virtually any patient situation, therefore ONE THERMOMETER CAN BE UTILIZED THROUGHOUT THE FACILITY. Also, Exergen upgraded the thermometer casing to reduce or eliminate stress micro cracks that can allow harsh chemical cleaners to penetrate the material and cause fractures.

Attractive Payback – Elimination of probe covers and repair costs, and easily affordable acquisition costs results in LESS THAN ONE YEAR PAYBACK for standardizing with Exergen TA thermometers.


“We have found the TA thermometer to be significantly more accurate than the tympanic thermometer. This is for predicting rectal temperature in infants. The TA thermometer is significantly more sensitive than the tympanic thermometer for the detection of rectal fever in infants. Patients tolerate the TA thermometer better than the rectal thermometer.”

Greenes DS, Fleisher GR. Accuracy of a Noninvasive Temporal Artery Thermometer for Use in Infants. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 2001 Mar;155(3):376-381

For a young cancer patient at a major medical center, theTemporalScanner has made a big difference. As his mother explained: “This is such a great thing for him. It’s one less thing that will hurt him. It’s just wonderful!”

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