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When you use the TemporalScanner, make sure to start with a blank screen, then keeping the button depressed, touch the center of the forehead and scan horizontally in a straight line over to the hairline, before releasing the button. Do not curve down to the temple or you could miss the important part of the temporal artery which is up in the forehead and trapped between the skin and the skull so we know exactly where it is.  At the temple, the artery can go deep, even on an infant, and will not provide the correct temperature


The most common reason for low readings is a smudgy/dirty lens.  Like a camera or eyeglasses, the TemporalScanner uses optical technology.  In the case of the scanner, the infrared sensor (which is behind the lens) must “see” the heat in order to measure it.  As you have had the Temporal Scanner a little while, it might just need a good lens cleaning (make sure you use a Q-tip or generic cotton tipped stick applicator, not a twisted paper towel or tissue).

The little lens should be cleaned as follows below:

Use an alcohol dampened Q-Tip (it has to be a Q-Tip or other cotton tipped stick applicator for the leverage required, and not a twisted paper towel, gauze pad, or tissue).

Dampen the Q-Tip with either an alcohol prep/swab, or dip the Q-Tip in a little alcohol, but do not use the alcohol prep/swab to clean the lens as it will not provide the leverage needed.

Twirl the Q-Tip directly on the little lens deep in the center of the probehead.

This preventive maintenance should be routinely done (every few weeks).

Following the alcohol cleaning, wait about five minutes to let the infrared sensor behind the little lens to recover from the coldness of the alcohol cleaning.

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